Echo Pet Care is a professionally registered and insured small business located in Jacksonville, FL. The team currently consists of two full-time and two part-time pet sitters. EPC has over 20 years of experience with several species of animals including: dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, and rabbits.


Jaki Cooks is the owner of Echo Pet Care and has been pet sitting professionally for over 16 years. As the owner of cats, dogs, turtles, fish, birds, and a rabbit, Jaki has experience with a wide variety of animal personalities and needs.

Jaki is also an active supporter of animal rescue and has fostered a variety of animals for local animal shelters and non-profit organizations. Jaki is an approved Florida Fish & Wildlife Pet Amnesty exotic animal adopter with experience in the small-medium parrot and cockatiel categories. Jaki has lived in Jacksonville for over 35 years and is a graduate of Bishop Kenny High School and the University of North Florida. She has also completed the Fear Free Pet Sitter certification.