Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we are accepting new clients for drop-in and overnight visits. New client meetings are required to be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to first service requests. At this time, we cannot accommodate any more daily or weekly mid-day walks/visits.

  • Do you service the area where I live?

Our service area includes homes north of Butler Blvd., west of Kernan Blvd. and east of Edgewood/Cassat Aves. We serve portions of the northside, as well.

  • What kind of pets do you usually care for?

Our sitters have experience with cats (42% of our clients), dogs (49% of our clients), birds (from finches to macaws), rabbits, guinea pigs, and turtles. We have also cared for snakes and lizards in limited capacity (changing water, adjusting lighting).

  • Who will be coming into my home to care for my pets?

Jaki is the owner of Echo Pet Care. Jaki has been pet sitting professionally since 2005. Jaki created Echo Pet Care in 2016 and is insured by Pet Care Insurance, underwritten by Lloyd’s London, policy PCI73958.

Jaki has formed relationships with other pet sitters who regularly work with her to care for client pets including Cle, Carrie, Jamee, Kessie, and Ashley. These pet sitters are independent contractors and are also appropriately insured.

If one of the above pet sitters is not available, we may refer you to another pet sitter in the Jacksonville area. There are many wonderful pet sitters in Jacksonville and we encourage you to hire the most appropriate one to meet your needs.

  • Do you provide boarding services?

No. We offer in your home pet care. This allows for your pets to remain in their environment where they are most comfortable.

  • My pet(s) cannot be left alone. Do you provide around the clock care?

We generally do not provide constant care services, but if our schedule allows, we may be able to offer this service. It will be offered at a premium price and we require additional amenities for our pet sitters if they will be staying at your home for more than 6 hours such as the ability to shower, use appliances, and/or receive deliveries.

  • What services are requested most commonly?

We offer timed drop-in pet care visits, dog walking, and overnight pet care in our clients’ homes. All of these services are commonly requested by our clients based on their needs. Please visit to view descriptions of our services and pricing information.

  • Can pet sitters administer medication to my pet?

Yes, most medications can be administered by pet sitters. Please make sure that you inform us of any medical needs when you request services and leave detailed instructions for medication administration. If the medication is new, we may ask to observe you giving your pet the medication to ensure that we maintain consistency while you’re away. Please also make sure that the pet portal is updated with current veterinary information in case your pet’s veterinarian needs to be contacted about medication administration while you are away. It is important that you notify us of medication changes as they occur so that we can appropriately plan for what sitter will visit your home and that the timing of medication is appropriate for your pet.

  • My pets are older or have a medical condition. What if one of them passes away while I’m out of town?

This is always an unfortunate situation whether you are home or not. We typically ask that if your pets are older or have ongoing medical concerns that you make arrangements with your veterinarian or an animal crematory in advance of your leaving for what to do if they pass away in your absence. This could involve storage expenses until you arrive back from your trip or cremation services. These expenses will typically need to be paid for by the client in advance or at the time of the pet’s passing and are not the responsibility of the pet sitter.

If you have other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us! Text 904.662.5717 or email for the quickest response.