Services and Pricing

Drop-in Visits: When you are away on vacation or have to work longer than usual, you can schedule a pet sitter to come to your home and tend to your pets’ needs during a specific time frame.  The pet sitter will follow your typical routine for feeding, medicating, giving fresh water, walking or letting dogs out in a fenced yard, playing with and petting your furry family members.

Jenny hanging out back after dinner

Flexible Time Cat/Small Animal Visits: If your pets don’t need to be seen at a specific time during the day or given any timed medications, you may elect a larger time frame for the pet sitter to come to your home for the visit.  We will work your visits into our schedule at a convenient time within that time frame and provide care, playtime and companionship with updates sent to you after each visit.


Frankie lounging on the patio

Overnight Visits: If your pet tends to be destructive when left alone for too long or if your pets need more frequent potty breaks, you may elect to have a pet sitter stay at your home overnight to care for them.  The pet sitter will remain in your home for a minimum of 9 hours (usually 10:00 pm to 7:00 am). You provide a place to sleep and your sitter will ensure that your pets are happy and comfortable throughout the night. Overnights can be paired with drop-in visits during the day so that your pets have more human contact and are alone for shorter periods of time.

Raven all ready for bed

Recurring Dog Walks/Visits: If you regularly work longer hours than your pet can stand to be alone, a pet sitter can swing over to your home and spend some quality time with them while you’re away to break up their day. To get these special rates, book at least 2 walks/visits each week or 8 weeks each month, consistently, for at least 6 months out of the year.

Murphy enjoys her walks rain or shine


To keep your pets as comfortable as possible while you’re away, we recommend at least 3 drop-in visits per day for dogs and at least 1 visit per day for cats. Additional pet-sits are always welcome and increase the fun for your pet! Our prices depend on the amount of time spent at your home, not the number of pets. We do not charge per pet, but if you have seperate groups of pets or have multiple pets requiring special care or medication, we may require a longer visit to ensure that we can complete all of the necessary components of your visits. This may be discussed at the meet & greet or following the first few visits, once the sitter becomes familiar with your routine.

In order to keep your pets on a familiar routine, we ask that you keep your pet profiles updated in our client portal.  Of course, you are welcome to leave notes, as well, at your home – the more specific the better!

We recommend booking overnight visits as you are making your travel plans. These services book quickly for holidays and during the summer months. Our availability updates are posted to our facebook page regularly. Overnight visits require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Without the deposit, your dates may not be reserved.